[BUDGET 2022 Rs. 4,00,00,000]
Month Receipt  Total Receipt To Receipt
November 2021 18,08,388 18,03,388 3,81,96,612
December 2021      
January 2022      
February 2022      
March 2022      
April 2022      
May 2022      
June 2022      
July 2022      
August 2022      
September 2022      
October 2022      

Updated on 1st December 2021

Zou Presbyterian Church Synod mi-le-sa mun tuom a um Sawmakhat piehna a buoina neiten
[Zou Presbyterian Church Synod Account SBI A/C  11343707086 Churachandpur Branch]
ah bangchih lai pou in thun thei ahia, tam Synod Account a Direct a hing thunte zong
a umna uh Hattuom ah 30% piehsah ahiding hi. 

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