Statistics of the PCI

Statistics of the PCI

As per the report of General Assembly in May 2018

The General Assembly is the apex body of the Presbyterian Church of India, having ten constituent Synods and one Provisional Synod viz.

  • Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod
  • Cachar Hill Tribes Synod
  • Manipur Presbyterian Church Synod
  • Biateram Presbyterian Church Synod
  • Ri Bhoi Presbyterian Synod
  • Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Mihngi
  • Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi
  • Zou Presbyterian Church Synod
  • Karbi Anglong Presbyterian Church Synod
  • Meitei Presbyterian Singlup Provisional Synod
  • Tripura Presbyterian Church Provisional Synod
Name Total nos
Synods 10
Provisional Synod 1
Presbyteries 137
Districts 592
Local Churches 3,269
Branch Churches 1,347
Ministers 1,089
Probationary Pastors 157
Elders 11,700
Mission Workers 3,046
Communicants 8,56,094
Baptized Non-Communicants 2,67,487
Total no. of Male


Total no. of Female


Total members in the church 14,67,529

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